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I'm back! And as much as everyone has wanted to know about how my experience in Europe was- the first thing on my mind after seeing everyone I love and missed so much, was: my hair! Yes! My hair!

My Euro travels will have to be an entirely separate post..there are many stories to tell. 
As I settle into my first week back home, the first thing that I wanted to do was to take out the braids that I had somehow managed to re-do and keep up for the four LONG months of my stay in Europe. 
And even after my long struggle with the drying and breakage of color treated hair, I was still debating about putting BACK color in my hair- but then I took a trip down photo lane. While searching through my photos with dark hair, I came across the many styles I wore my hair in my "2011-2012 era", as I would like to call it. I was experimenting with a lot of protective styles, weave, up-dos and some styles that I flat out came up with myself. 
Having braids for such a long period of time r…