You could say that this is the trip that started it all. When I was in undergrad, approaching my senior year, I decided to study abroad in India. I had no money, no idea how to renew my passport or what a Visa even was, but I had this idea inside of me to do it.

India was a major stepping stone for me, for many reasons. It was the first time that I would be traveling alone. Though I had left the country before, I had always been traveling with my family. Road trips with my parents and brother when I was a little girl instilled me with a passion for adventure and travel.
On every trip, my dad had a camera on hand, capturing every moment. It made me want to be adventurous too.

I actually remember that I was almost in second grade when my mother finally advised that maybe I shouldn't run around the house in my make shift towel version of a loincloth, shirtless, saying that I was Mowgli from my favorite movie, The Jungle Book. I always envied Mowgli's sense of freedom, his rejection of societal structures. I wondered, couldn't girls have that too? I cherish the fact that my mother let me run around for so long. She never stopped me from finding other ways to be adventurous.

As I got older, traveling stayed in the back of my mind, but I had a fear of doing it alone. India helped me to abandon that fear. It was my turning point. The start of a new life, and new adventures. Sometimes I look back at my pictures from India and wonder where all the courage inside me came from!!

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