Spring is here! The weather in Washington D.C was attempting to convince me otherwise, but our famous cherry blossoms have started to bud in spite of the extremely cold weather this year on the East coast.

On my mind lately is a trip to Boston. Since last year, I've wanted to visit  Boston's beautiful cobblestone streets and open markets. I am making plans to take a visit within the next coming weeks, as this spring (hopefully) begins to warm up.

While in Boston, there are three places that I really would love to see.  First is the Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in Boston, established in 1826! And to cope with my missing Italy, I want to visit Boston's North End and "Little Italy".

Last but not least, like the true book lover I am, I  would LOVE to find my self searching though the spines of used books at the outdoor bookstall in the famous Brattle Book Shop. This bookstore is ranked as one of the top 20 coolest bookstores in the world. For me- this is a must see.

For more tips on Boston travel click here. For any suggestions of places that I should visit, Please leave comments below! Until then, I will be checking on those cherry blossoms.

Little Italy street signs,

Brattle Book Shop


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