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Haiti and Dominican Republic Travels

It is hard to believe that I am preparing for an arrival in Havana, Cuba tomorrow morning. I'm assuming that when the plane touches down, it will all sink in. About a week ago I returned from Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  I spent two weeks working on two separate documentaries and a photography project.
In Haiti, I filmed a young aspiring Haitian photographer, Steven Baboun, in an attempt to bring light to some of the amazing work that he and his friends are creating. Steven Baboun and his friends have started a Humans of Haiti project in Port Au Prince, after being inspired by the blog Humans of New York. The courage and passion Steven has for Haiti is monumental. Steven spends most of his time taking photographs that tell the story of a Haiti renewed, removed from the common misconceptions and inaccurate representations of Haitian people. To learn more about Humans of Haiti, visit their Facebook page here.

The second film was a perso…