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The Readjustment Factor

Summer is ending, and I can barely wrap my mind around it. After a summer of intense traveling in Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic, I have found myself out of sorts in terms of how to get back into the fast paced world as I  knew it. Without access to constant internet connections, I am really struggling to get accustomed to having SO much technology to respond to at one time. Now I confess, this may have been a problem for me before this summer, but admittedly in the past few months, there has been an undeniable growth in my inability to respond to people as fast as they would like me to.

The past couple of months while traveling, I made a real effort to submerge myself in the moment of whatever was around me. That meant ignoring the impulse to grab my phone to make sure I was still "connected" to the world. The other part of this phone checking impulse is my panic when I realize how long I've gone without responding back to someone, or sending the message that I shou…