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Into the Fall

Last week, I had the pleasure of shooting in Adams Morgan, D.C with my good friend, blogger and photographer Steven Baboun of I love Steven's work, and his dedication to capturing amazing images on the daily (you can stalk his photography work by clicking here) He captured some of the things I enjoy most about fall: the deep color palates, knee highs, lace up boots, bowler hats, turtle necks and blazers....and really random, and not in any of these photos: apple cider donuts. Am I the only one who craves these things? Fall is about the only time that you can find them, and Milburn Orchards in Maryland has some really really good ones. Note to self: Put in plans for next weekend. Anyway- details on the blazer: $12 one of my favorite places Cross Roads Trading Co on 14th & U Street! Photos below: 

The Habit of Self-Care

Things have been getting busy for me lately. Really, really busy. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and my brain fires off a thousand and one things that I need to do in the day that lies before me. That is never a good way to start the day. But, I've started doing things differently in the past couple of weeks. I've decided to combat those overwhelming feelings, and take about five minutes to just lay in bed before I start the day. The night before, I will set my alarm for whatever time I want to wake up, and then set another alarm for five minutes so that I can just lay in silence, and think about something calming, or that brings me feelings of joy before getting out of bed. The results have been that I not only feel calmer, but I feel more balanced, and in control at the start of my day. It has become a habit for me now, and I tend to feel out of whack if I do not start my day this way. I've realized that when you get in the habit of self care- all else around you fa…

Peek into Cuba

It seems that every day lately, I've been uncovering "new" photographs from my travels this summer. It could be that these photos are'nt really new; maybe the eyes that view them are. Photos that I may have scrolled through quickly, or skipped over have so much more meaning to me now. They provide such a different perspective.  They've become like a time machine for me,  taking me right back into the moment when I took them. I've posted a few new Cuba photos in the Travel section. View them my clicking here

Journeys Through Peru

My dad just returned from an amazing trip in Peru. I am trilled to share some of his photography work and experiences while traveling through Peru. His travels remind me that not even the sky is the limit. We can reach even beyond the stars. Read the interview questions below. 

What were you doing in Peru?  I was hired by a Peruvian based travel company to photograph some of the people and places of that magnificent country.
Where in Peru did you travel?  We started in Lima, the western part of Peru,  it is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. From Lima we journeyed through the Andes Mountains and into Cusco. Along the way we stopped at some 20 different villages. This was a pretty physical trip, for at times it required quite a bit of hiking. The geographic range covered mountains, jungle and desert. I think the total distance on this trip amounted to 2800 km or roughly 1700 miles. With the Andes Mountains and the Amazons, I don't think there is any country more beautiful!
What …

" Because You Are Beautiful, and Black Like Me" - Reflections on Cuba, Race and Adolescence

Memory may omit things people say to you, but emotions tied to words spoken are hardly ever forgotten. For weeks I have been searching for a piece of paper with the name of a little girl who I cannot get out of my mind. If I could stretch my memory to recall the name she revealed to me, then I would feel so much closer to this little girl—a little girl who changed the entire direction of my research in Cuba.  To continue reading the article, please click here

Sunflowers and Rain-showers

I made no major plans for Labor Day weekend. Well, just one really. Reading.
It rained last night, giving me an even better excuse to stay indoors and read. I have always been a book worm, but this summer I have been breezing through one or two books a week (most of which is done on my daily commute in and out of Washington DC.)
Yesterday, I finished The Stranger by Albert Camus, and I am currently absorbing Demian by Herman Hesse. I am following several lists on, and I recently downloaded the app on my phone. James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time is next for me. Today, before the rain picked up, I took a few photos in a sun hat I discovered for $2.95 at Georgia Ave Thrift Store. I dyed my hair back to black a few months ago, and I am really happy with the way that the color has been keeping up. More outfit details below. Photos by Richard T. Fields. 

Hat: Georgia Ave Thrift Store Top: Forever 21 Jeans: Vintage Levi Strauss, Buffalo Exchange