Journeys Through Peru

My dad just returned from an amazing trip in Peru. I am trilled to share some of his photography work and experiences while traveling through Peru. His travels remind me that not even the sky is the limit. We can reach even beyond the stars. Read the interview questions below

What were you doing in Peru? 
I was hired by a Peruvian based travel company to photograph some of the people and places of that magnificent country.

Where in Peru did you travel? 
We started in Lima, the western part of Peru,  it is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. From Lima we journeyed through the Andes Mountains and into Cusco. Along the way we stopped at some 20 different villages. This was a pretty physical trip, for at times it required quite a bit of hiking. The geographic range covered mountains, jungle and desert. I think the total distance on this trip amounted to 2800 km or roughly 1700 miles. With the Andes Mountains and the Amazons, I don't think there is any country more beautiful!

What was the biggest lesson you took back with you from Peru? 
What I learned from this trip; is that Peruvian mountain people are amazingly hard working folks. They don't punch a clock, they go until the work is done. The things that we considered major obstacles on this trip, for them were simply a way of life. Some of the risks that I took on this trip, I would never have done without the affirmation of some the locals.


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