Sunflowers and Rain-showers

I made no major plans for Labor Day weekend. Well, just one really. Reading.

It rained last night, giving me an even better excuse to stay indoors and read. I have always been a book worm, but this summer I have been breezing through one or two books a week (most of which is done on my daily commute in and out of Washington DC.)

Yesterday, I finished The Stranger by Albert Camus, and I am currently absorbing Demian by Herman Hesse. I am following several lists on, and I recently downloaded the app on my phone. James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time is next for me. Today, before the rain picked up, I took a few photos in a sun hat I discovered for $2.95 at Georgia Ave Thrift Store. I dyed my hair back to black a few months ago, and I am really happy with the way that the color has been keeping up. More outfit details below. Photos by Richard T. Fields. 

Hat: Georgia Ave Thrift Store Top: Forever 21 Jeans: Vintage Levi Strauss, Buffalo Exchange 


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